Family Support Groups

Joining a family peer support group dealing with PTSI can provide a wide range of benefits for those who are affected by PTSI, including:

  • Connecting with others who understand the unique challenges and struggles of dealing with a First Responders with PTSI.
  • Sharing experiences and supporting each other through the healing process.
  • A safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to process their emotions and learn coping strategies.
  • Led by trained facilitators who can provide guidance and education on managing symptoms, self-care, and accessing additional resources.
  • Helps individuals feel less isolated and alone in their journey towards recovery.
  • Helping to improve relationships within the family unit.
  • Understanding the impact of PTSI on the family unit and how to navigate it.

These groups can be a powerful tool for families to learn how to manage their symptoms and find ways to cope with their trauma in a supportive environment. Joining a family first responder peer support group dealing with PTSI can be the first step towards healing and recovery.

Meetings are open to all First Responders, Spouses, and adult Family Members in the community. The meetings are facilitated by retired/active First Responders and Spouses trained to lead these supportive and confidential groups.


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